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Summer Ball Tournament Championships:

9s  Wed the 27th.  5:30 PM  Founders Field  Middleton vs Georgetown White

10s  Thurs the 28th.  5:30 PM  Founders Field  Teams TBD

11s  TBD

12s  TBD


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5/29/16 Summer Ball Email Message
Good afternoon and Happy Memorial Day weekend! We are happy to...
CORI Form documents and Child Safety
Important Volunteer information: The CORI Form/Child Protection...
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Diamond Dreams - Project Update
The Diamond Dreams Project continues as the Pioneer League continues...
City Field Use Regulations
Please familiarize yourself with the City of Newburyports Parks...
5/29/16 Summer Ball Email Message

Good afternoon and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

We are happy to announce that registration for our summer tournament season is now open.  Because the summer season is separate and has a different focus than the spring season, we have drafted the letter below to help answer some of the most common questions and explain the differences from our Spring programs which focus on player development in an open and upfront manner.

Judging by the inquiries we have received to date, some of the age divisions will have enough player registrations for (2) teams which is very exciting.

Thanks, Lou


To parents of potential 2016 Summer Ball players,

As we progress towards the end of our regular season and into playoffs, we have begun planning for the 2016 Newburyport Summer Ball Program.  We host a competitive baseball tournament at our Pioneer Park for players (ages 9 through 12 years) who live in towns and cities in the greater Newburport area.  We also sponsor a team or teams comprised of 8 year olds and these players will play in a tournament most likely in West Newbury or another similar tournament in the Merrimack Valley.

The Pioneer Park tournament is projected to begin in late June or early July and end in late July or very early August - depending on the number of local teams who choose to enter (and thus the length of the game schedule), weather, etc.

The emphasis will be on competition and winning games against other town teams who will have a similar focus.  The playing rules may be slightly different than those of the Pioneer League Spring Season as well.  As such, the Newburyport teams cannot guarantee that all players will end up with an equal amount of defensive innings or an equal number of at bats.  It is also highly likely that your child may end up playing a position(s) other than the position(s) played during the Pioneer League season.

All teams may potentially enter into other somewhat local tournaments (quite often many of them do) but that is up to the individual teams and coaches.  These tournaments (ours included) are played against top players from other towns with a competitive focus (for example: more aggressive base-running rules, umpires call a tighter strike zone).  A tournament usually consists of a round-robin group of games in pool play, and then they go into a playoff/elimination format with winners continuing to advance.
The cost per player is $100 and this includes a hat and a guarantee of 6 games - 5 pool play and at least one playoff game in the Pioneer League Tournament.  Teams entering the above mentioned non-Pioneer League tournaments may require an additional fee.

Pioneer League players must be Newburyport residents or attend school in Newburyport or have previously played in the Pioneer League in 2016.
Please be aware that we may not be able guarantee everyone a place on a team.  Because this program is a step up in competition level, a selection committee will determine player placement on a team and will be on a case-by-case evaluation basis (for example - baseball awareness and physical skills).  Team rosters are expected to be completed/finalized by June 15th - 18th…so, if you are interested and committed, please register your child as soon as possible.

Please note that our higher skill/competition team(s) may desire to enter a 2nd or possibly a 3d tournament.  This too depends on team managers/coaching staff, and of course parent and player commitments.

It goes without much saying that the players and parents need to be committed to a five-week tournament schedule that could potentially include baseball activity five days a week or even 2 games on the same day (especially if the team plays in a second tournament).  Players are expected to make a maximum effort to be available for all games and practices.  It is only fair to do so in order to not affect the playing experiences of fellow committed teammates.  

The registration fee will be returned to all players not placed on a team.  

Variables/unknowns at this time:  1) the number of players in each age division who will register for Pioneer League Summer Ball.  2) the quantity of non-Newburyport teams that will be registering.  3) the skill/competitive levels of Nbpt teams and also the non-Nbpt teams.  In the past, there have been attempts to create same-age divisions with a higher skill/competition sub-division and a lower skill/competition sub-division.  Some years this practice has worked and in some years it did not.  There is no guarantee at this time of our ability to do so regarding sub-divisions this year.  This is also very dependent on the number of non-Nbpt teams.

Registration for this Summer Ball program will be through our Pioneer League web site and is open now.  Access the Pioneer League web site ( and click on the left side tab Register Online.  Read those instructions and scroll down to the applicable age division for your child.
Feel free to ask your team manager for additional information as he/she may very well have previous summer ball experience.

Without exception, we expect our managers, coaches, players, and parents to treat each other and the game with respect and dignity and display good sportsmanship at all times as the teams will be representing our Pioneer League.
Sign up today!

The Pioneer League Summer Tournament Committee

by posted 05/29/2016
CORI Form documents and Child Safety
Important Volunteer information:

The CORI Form/Child Protection documents are posted in the Documents Section for all Spring 2014 Volunteers.  

Please click here to access the CORI FORM

This form needs to be submitted to the League's CORI Officer along with a photocopy of your drivers license by mail to the address on the form, or in person.  

Documents include:  Manager/Coach/Volunteer Application and CORI Form, Manager's Assistants Checklist, CORI Disqualification Criteria. Also posted is the Child Abuse/Molestation Risk document that MUST be read by ALL managers, coaches, and any other volunteers working with children of our Pioneer League.

by posted 03/01/2014
Not getting EMAIL? - Please read

If you do not set your spam filter correctly, you may not receive any communications from this Pioneer League Web Site!

Please allow communications from:

If you are unsure how to configure the spam filter, please contact your service provider or neighbor/friend who knows how to set your spam filter.

We are experiencing many kicked back emails, which means we have either incorrect or outdated email addresses.

Parents - you MUST keep your email addresses up to date or you will not receive important communications from the NPL.  Those communications include messages from your child's manager or coach, notices of game postponements or cancellations, or notices pertaining to league activities.

You may update your street address/phone numbers/e-mail addresses by clicking on the "Edit My Account" tab on the home page.  You will need to enter your e-mail address currently on record with the site and your password you set up at registration.  Click on submit and you will be have access to your family account.  Click on the name of the person(s) to whom the editing will be applicable.

You may add additional email addresses per person and/or player.  Please separate them with a comma.  Click submit when complete. Thank you.


by posted 02/27/2014
Diamond Dreams - Project Update

The Diamond Dreams Project continues as the Pioneer League continues planning additional phases to complete major renovations at your park.

At this time, we have renovated all three fields, including building new dugouts and installing electronic scoreboards.  Now, we are focusing on putting the finishing touches on all three fields, improving drainage and reviewing plans for Phase IV of the project which will focus on creating a safer parking area.  

The next phases of the project are very capital intensive and will require close coordination with the City of Newburyport.  To be able to begin these next phases, we desperately need your help and financial support to fund these projects. 

Funds for Diamond Dreams to renovate the park do not come from registration fees and team sponsorships, but from dedicated contributions to the Diamond Dreams project.  As we have raised funds, we have worked on different park renovations that we can afford.  With your help, we can complete our dream and completely renovate the Park!

If you'd like to make an individual/family/corporate donation, please click here  or the Diamond Dreams Project tab on top.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Newburyport Pioneer League Inc.

by posted 02/01/2014
City Field Use Regulations

Please familiarize yourself with the City of Newburyports Parks and Recreation Rules and Regulations governing the use of our fields.

Park Use Rules and Regulations

Thank you.

The Newburyport Pioneer League, Inc.
by posted 05/29/2012
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